Northland Pet Lodge

Our pet lodge has a wide variety of your pet’s favorite food, treats, toys and pet supplies. Our selection of high quality pet foods and treats includes grain free, holistic, limited ingredient, breed specific, and many others to meet the needs of your pet and budget. We carry a large selection of toys from balls and Frisbees to bones and chews. We have hand selected wild elk antler chews that are great for your pet. We also have a great selection of leashes, collars, crates, beds, training accessories, shampoo, conditioners and other pet health and beauty products.

    • Acana dog food

    Acana® Regionals

    Biologically Appropriate® pet foods from fresh regional ingredients
    60-65% meat and 35-40% of fruits and vegetables to nourish cats and dogs completely.

    • California Natural dog food

    California Natural®

    Limited ingredients made pure & simple
    Available in Grain Free formulas

    • Canidae dog food


    Premium dog & cat food
    NO wheat, corn, soy, fillers, antibiotics, hormones, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

    • Chicken Soup for the dog Lover's Soul dog food

    Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul®

    Made from the finest, simplest ingredients- including four meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grains - our pet food provides a nutritious, well balanced base for a healthy happy pet.

    • eukanuba dog food crosslake


    We use only high-quality animal proteins, mainly chicken or lamb not vegetables as the primary source of protein.

    • Merrick's canned dog food


    Food Worthy of a Fork™.
    Recipes that are real and wholesome, made with USDA-inspected deboned meat and fresh produce. None of our ingredients are ever imported from China.

    • natural balance dog food

    Natural Balance®

    Made with premium ingredients, our dry dog formulas offer complete and balanced nutrition for your pet.
    Available in Grain Free, Limited Ingredient, Organic, Ultra-Premium & Vegetarian

    • natural choice dog food crosslake

    Natural Choice®

    Natural nutrition targeted to your dog's unique life stage, breed size and health condition.
    Highest-quality natural ingredients, fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

    • Nutro Ultra dog food

    Nutro Ultra®

    Blend of 3 lean proteins for strong muscles.
    Blend of whole grains & natural oils for radiant skin & coat.
    Powerful antioxidant blend for a strong immune system.

    • Orijen dog food


    Biologically Appropriate® pet foods from fresh regional ingredients
    Rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and entirely grain-free
    80% meat and 20% fruits and vegetables and zero grains.

    • Precise Holistic puppy and adult dog food

    Precise Holistic Complete®

    Everything in it is designed to promote health, happiness and harmony for a lifetime.

    • Precise dog food

    Precise Pet Products®

    Offers a nutritionally-rich yet economical product line that’s superior to other dog foods
    All of our dry foods are made in-house, with unsurpassed quality.

    • Premium Edge dog food

    Premium Edge®

    Made with finest, freshest ingredients
    Real meat #1 ingredient
    No ground corn, wheat or soy

    • taste of wild dogfood

    Taste of the Wild®

    Made with real meats and supplemented with fruits and vegetables
    Grain-free formulas provide your pet with nutrition for optimal health and vitality.

    • elk

    Wild Elk Antlers®

    Long lasting all natural dog chew with no chemicals, by-products or preservatives
    Hard outside for chewing and soft marrow inside packed with nutrients and flavor
    Hand selected, cleaned, cut and shaped here at the Pet Lodge

    • fruitables for dogs


    Amazing aromas and tastes that are unlike any pet food today.
    Combining taste, aroma, texture, and design to create an experience that is as pleasing for you as for your pet family member.

    • charlee bears treats

    Charlee Bear®

    Low-calorie dog treats (only 3 calories each) are healthy and made in the USA with natural ingredients.

    • greenies dog treats


    Dental chews & treats for dogs & cats
    Pill Pockets for dogs & cats
    Joint Care treats

    • three dog bakery treats

    Three Dog Bakery®

    We love dogs, so we've been baking fresh, premium dog food and treats since we opened the world's first bakery for dogs in 1989.
    We use only the best quality, wholesome ingredients to keep your dog happy and healthy.

    • sportmix for dogs


    SPORTMiX® biscuits are a great way to reward your dog while providing a delicious supplement to his diet.
    SPORTMiX® biscuits are naturally preserved and oven baked with the highest quality ingredients.

    • zigoo

    Zigoo Crinkits®

    Dogs love the sound of an empty water bottle! Designed to provide protective barrier around a water bottle, Crinkits give your dog an interactive toy they won’t want to put down.

    • orijen dog treats crosslake

    Orijen Treats®

    Made with 100% natural meats, poultry or fish (and nothing else)
    All gently freeze dried to lock in their goodness

    • whimzees dog toys


    Six natural, functional ingredients and no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, preservatives, GMOs, gluten, or meat.
    They’re also high in fiber and low in calories and sugars.

    • multipet

    Multipet International®

    Balls, plush, rope & tug, rubber & latex, holiday & talking toys

    Ethical Pet Products, Inc.®

    Holiday, latex, plush, vinyl, puppy, rope, rubber, Skinneeez, tennis & other great toys
    Apparel, dishes, travel gear, other great accessories

    • kong toy in crosslake

    Kong Company®

    Ultra durable dog & cat toys
    Airdog®, interactive, knots, sports balls, treats, plush, rubber, Squeezz® & Wubba®

    • soggy doggy logo

    Soggy Doggy Doormats®

    The microfiber chenille blend allows the Soggy Doggy Doormats® and Super Shammys to soak up water and dirt like a sponge!
    The doormats absorb 5x more water than regular cotton doormats and the Super Shammy can hold up to 7x its weight in water!
    The material is exceptionally hard-working and goes right in the washer and dryer! But the chenille also makes it velvety-soft and gentle under delicate paws and bellies.

    • four paws logo

    Four Paws®

    Four Paws® is the brand you can trust, offering a wide range of products that will help you care for your pet throughout its lifetime.

    Our extensive product line includes Training, Waste Management, Grooming, Containment, Toys, Nylon Collars, Leads & Harnesses, and much, much more!

    • capstar for dogs


    Is a simple, safe, easy-to-use, oral flea control product for dogs and cats that quickly kills adult fleas. Capstar® Has no labeled side effects.

    Capstar®starts killing adult fleas within 30 minutes

    • durapet bowls in crosslake


    Made of high quality, heavy-duty stainless steel with a permanently molded rubber ring in the base that prevents sliding and undesirable noise.
    They are dishwasher safe and the rubber ring will not come off.

    • petmate dog carrier


    High quality kennels, crates, carriers & beds

    • TropiClean Fresh Breath clean teeth gel for dogs


    Grooming, oral care, pet clean up, dental chews and itchy skin remedies

    • anti tick collar crosslake


    Quality flea and tick control & prevention products, including flea & tick collars, sprays, foggers & mists

    • lambert kay puppy soap

    Lambert Kay®

    Dog shampoos & conditioners, grooming aids & colognes, pet odor eliminators & skunk odor eliminators.
    Ear care, deworming, wound care & other health products

    • Nature's Miracle products

    Natures Miracle®

    Stain and odor removers, skunk odor removers, training & behavior aids, grooming, litter box accessories, crates, beds & pet waste pickup

    • organicoscar

    Organic Oscar®

    Organic Oscar supports a healthy and holistic lifestyle for you and your dog with organic, all-natural and biodegradable pet products.
    Our shampoos, conditioners and pet wipes are soap-free and pH-balanced to clean and deodorize safely and thoroughly.

    • midwest homes listing

    Midwest Homes for Pets®

    High quality pet crates, carriers, & beds

    • crosslake dog collars

    Coastal Pet Products®

    Nylon & leather collars, leashes & harnesses
    Training products, dog & cat toys, grooming tools, muzzles, & chain, cable and poly tie outs

    • plaqueoff for dogs

    Plaque Off®

    Removes plaque
    100% natural
    Whitens teeth
    Improves breath

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KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAEvery time Benny & Sammy come for a visit, they bound in excitedly, are warmly greeted and gladly go to their suite. Mom and Dad don't worry about the boys when they leave them with you, knowing they are well taken care of and enjoying their time there at Northland Pet Lodge. We are glad you're there for us!
Keith, Karen, Benny & Sammy